We have been a part of numerous high-quality releases, many of which on international labels.




Our studio has created a large number of amazing songs and tracks loved by listeners all over the world.




We have worked with lots of music bands, including internationally-renowned ones, and there is more to come.





Who Are We?

Our studio provides services of professional mixing & mastering and editing of audio materials. We have built a successful collaboration with musicians and bands from different cities and countries. At the same time, we welcome new clients and we are always glad to work with new customers. Your geographical location does not matter: communication and file sharing is happening via the internet, and your personal attendance is not needed. Many years’ experience in audio production and regular releases on well renowned labels (such as Artery Recordings, Candlelight Records, Brutal Bands, etc) ensure high quality and stable results.

What Do We Do?

We create a fully finished product from raw source material, i.e. instrument parts and vocals recorded by you at home or at the local studio. We fine-tune instruments balance, work with frequencies and pan, perform dynamic processing, and apply various effects. In other words, we do absolutely everything that is related to mixing and mastering. In addition, on request, we can eliminate imperfections in your source files, i.e. correct or minimize mistakes during performance, fix out-of-tune vocals or remove unwanted noises.

Why Do You Need This?

Presently, with new bands entering the music scene and new albums released almost every day, creation of music has become a profession and hobby for thousands of people. To be heard in that huge roaring stream, you need to have not only catching and authentic material, but also a flawless recording. Our mission is to fulfill your music ideas to the fullest and make listeners distinguish your recording out of a great number of other works.


Profound Experience and Guaranteed Quality

Working with audio production since 2007, we have handled a great variety of music created by bands from all over the world. We enjoy the trust of famous performers and international labels. Regardless of music style you are working in, we will find the optimal sounding for your mix and consider all your requirements and suggestions.

Good Timing of Your Order

Understanding that bands spend much time on creation and recording of their music, we know how painful is to experience delays at further stages of work. We have arranged all processes of our work in such a way that allows us to fulfill your order in the shortest time possible and up to the highest standards. Mixing a single usually takes 5 days. Mixing an entire album takes about 2 weeks.

Unlimited Revisions

Knowing how musicians care about their work and true fulfillment of their ideas and vision, we decided to introduce an unlimited number of corrections and revisions. This means that we will work on your track/album until you are fully satisfied with the result.

Extra Services

On request, we can find sessions musicians for you, program drums parts, or even help you with writing lyrics. We can also provide you with an instrumental version of your song and keyboard tracks to use at concerts and rehearsals.


All you need to do is contact us and tell us the name of your band. We will provide you with detailed terms of cooperation.

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Please, prepare your materials for mixing and mastering in the following way:

All instrument parts, electronics, and samples must be saved in wav format. Exceptions: drums, bass guitar and piano are allowed in midi format.

All tracks must be synchronous (by the time code) and start from the same point. Files must have proper names indicating to their contents. A midi-file with programmed instruments must also contain information about tempo and its changes.

Guitars and bass guitars are preferred as DI-tracks (clean, raw signal without processing and distortion). However, you can provide tracks recorded from amplifier to mic or added with guitar effects.

Different types of instruments, keys and vocals must be saved as individual files.

If you have live drums, provide an empty midi-file with tempo information or make a list indicating which song has which tempo.

If programmed drums layout is different from a standard one (General Midi), make a list saying to which instruments in a drum set the notes in your midi-file correspond.

In addition to source files, you need to provide demo mixes of all tracks (in any quality, but with final instrument parts).

Before sending us the materials, upload all files to a new project and check everything carefully.

To upload the material, you can use any file sharing service, which allows easy downloading. After uploading the files, send us the links in one message.

List our works and albums of popular bands, which should be taken as references. Describe your requirements and wishes, if any. If such information is not provided, we can do everything to our own taste :)

If you want to receive the result with embedded tags and cover, send them to us together with the source files.

Remember that mixing and mastering does not include removing flaws and imperfections in recording and musicians’ playing, such as hitting the strings poorly, unwanted distortions and noises, timing or pitch errors, or a poor arrangement choice. If your material contains that kind of flaws, we can eliminate or minimize them on further terms.

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e-mail: anthropocide@gmail.com

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